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Wing Chun Kung Fu Men training

Do you sometimes feel unsafe? Have you been a victim of assault? Do you want to learn to protect yourself? Then you have come to the right place.

Wing chun is the only style in the world that was developed by a woman. Wing chun is an ideal system for women since it doesn't rely on strength but rather deflection, positioning, and strategy to defeat bigger and stronger opponents. We will teach you how to develop your speed and power which will give you confidence on the street and faith in your ability to protect yourself.

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Kids classes

Wing Chun Kung Fu Women training

Do you feel your child doesn't listen to you? Would you like your child to be more helpful in performing everyday chores in and around the house? Has your child been picked on at school? Would you like your child to improve in their school work? Wing chun's kids program helps give your child an advantage in life by developing their focus, concentration, discipline, and respect as well as how to protect themselves.

Having fun and interacting with other students is very important for your child's development and social skills but I love seeing a big smile on your child's face at the end of our classes!

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Mens classes

Wing Chun Kung Fu Kids training

How would you like to learn the most effective martial art style in the world? What makes wing chun so unique and effective is its simultaneous blocking and striking combinations which instantly put pressure back on your opponent. Wing chun doesn't fight force by trying to overpower an opponent but rather redirects energy with deflecting blocks and returns a multitude of strikes.

We will develop your speed, power, and the coordination of your hands and feet. Our classes consist of drills, forms, and applications of techniques on a partner.

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Class types

Reflex Classes Our reflex classes are designed to increase a student's reaction time while helping them to apply Wing Chun techniques quickly and correctly.
Cardio Kung Fu Classes Our classes run for an hour during which you will do a variety of exercises that raise your heart rate and strengthen your body; exercises like punching and kicking combinations, abdominal work, running, skipping rope, and stretching. We ease each person into these work outs individually according to his or her fitness and abilities. These group classes motivate and drive you to achieve your individual goals in different areas.
Chi Sao Classes Chi Sao means sticky hands. Chi sao develops sensitivity, timing, and visual and contact reflexes. Chi sao employs wing chun principles like force going forward and not fighting force but rather redirecting it. In chi sao you will train your energy to go forward.
Butterfly swords and dragon pole Butterfly swords and dragon pole are traditional weapons from the wing chun system which are taught to advanced level practitioners.
Sparring Classes Sparring classes teach you to apply the techniques and fighting strategies you've learned in previous wing chun classes in a random fighting situation. Combat stress can really affect you in a real life fighting situation and in tournaments so sparring is the closest thing to a real fight to help decrease your level of combat stress and increase your conditioning, speed, power, and confidence.
Nunchakus We train you how to use the nunchakus with both hands and to employ it for attacking as well as blocking. Nunchaku use enhances your hand-eye coordination as well.
Knife Disarmament We teach knife disarmament techniques as well as knife deployment. A knife attack can be fast and deadly so knife disarmament training may save your life and is important part of becoming a well-rounded, skilled martial artist.